Warwick Saint

Warwick Saint is an award-winning photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and the Founder of Saint Studio, home to cutting edge ‘Love Saints’ series and supporter of philanthropic initiatives such as the ‘Million Gardens’ project.

Renowned for his masterfully lit, iconic portraits of beloved celebrities such as Oprah, Harrison Ford, Zendaya, Beyoncé, and LeBron James, Saint got his start in fashion with his legendary ‘Elephant Boy’ series based on his South African roots. He proceeded to lead worldwide photographic campaigns for the Olympic Games, BMW, Nike, and World Cup Soccer. 

As a visual artist, Saint has collaborated with countless musicians and performers, having created some of the most iconic album covers of the last 20 years including ‘The diary of Alicia Keys’, ‘Love?’, and ‘Just Dance’.

At his core, Saint is passionate about supporting art projects, campaigns, and causes in a tangible way to create a more beautiful world. 

Ariél Saint White

Ariél Saint White is an artist, author, advisor, director, and CEO of Saint Studio. Known for her collaborative art series, Love Saints, Ariél’s work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and commissioned by global luminaries.

Ariél’s passion for breaking down taboos led her to found sex-education organization ‘My Little Yoni’. Partnering with top OBGYNs, she authored a 10 book series giving parents & kids medically accurate, body-positive education that is lauded by parents for making ‘the talk’ easier and fun.

With an eclectic background spanning everything from somatic practices to theater production, photography, creative direction, entrepreneurship, investing and song writing, Ariél delights in tackling projects that forge daring new intersections between technology and the natural world.

As an Angel Investor and Adviser, Ariél supports innovative companies focused on: remote engineering, clean energy, organic f&b, eco-fashion, plastic-free body care, PTSD treatment, and femme tech. As an activist, she has raised over 2MM+ for non-profits working in climate justice, criminal justice reform, earth-based education, and advancing sex education. Ariél has been featured in several publications including Entrepreneur, OWN, International Business Times, and Latina. She currently resides between Miami and Montana with her family.